Pastor Jade, originating from a rich background in television, film, and radio, made a life-altering decision over a decade ago to redirect his focus toward planting and cultivating churches across the nation. This pivotal shift marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that has seen him at the forefront of church growth and community development.

Supporting Pastor Jade on this journey is his beloved wife, Theresa, who stands by his side with unwavering dedication. Together, they navigate the intricate balance of family, ministry, and community engagement. Theresa's support and involvement in various outreach programs have been instrumental in shaping the compassionate and inclusive ethos of their ministry.

Their family is completed by their children: Julien, Eva, Max, and Remi. The vibrant energy and diverse talents of each child add depth and joy to the family dynamic, enriching the fabric of their shared experiences.

Having worked closely with a multitude of ministries spanning the United States, Africa, and India, Pastor Jade brings a global perspective to his mission. Despite his extensive reach, he has chosen Plant City as his home base, where he passionately serves and leads. This allows him to be deeply rooted in the local community while maintaining a wide-reaching impact on a global scale.

Through collaborative efforts with hundreds of ministries, Pastor Jade's commitment to building strong, thriving churches has become a beacon of inspiration. His leadership transcends borders, fostering growth, unity, and spiritual development. As he continues to navigate the diverse landscape of ministry, Pastor Jade remains dedicated to empowering communities and individuals on their spiritual journey, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and lives across continents.

Bob burchett

care Pastor

Pastor Bob Burchett emerged as one of six siblings, including a twin sister, with Pastor Bob claiming the distinction of being older by a mere 5 minutes. Despite not being raised in a church environment, he was instilled with strong moral values.

Approaching the age of 22, Pastor Bob underwent a profound transformation marked by a traditional conviction. Seeking answers to life's inquiries, he found himself invited to a church service where he encountered his eternal Father through repentance and discovered solace in Jesus Christ. Seeking forgiveness and guidance, he pursued a newfound sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment previously absent from his life.

Upon dedicating his life to God, Pastor Bob delved into reading the Bible for the first time, experiencing its teachings come alive and receiving divine messages through scripture. This spiritual awakening led him to commit to a lifetime of serving God. Within three months, he resigned from his job and embarked on formal education.

His academic journey includes earning a BA in Ministerial Studies from Circleville Bible College and a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Psychology. Pastor Bob's diverse experience spans roles as a youth minister, assistant pastor, and senior pastor. He has extensively worked with adolescents facing dual diagnosis, mental health challenges, and substance abuse issues, facilitating small groups and alcohol recovery programs.

michael glisson

executive Pastor

Pastor Michael's journey unfolds in the vibrant town of Sebring, Florida, where he established the bedrock of his life. He proudly earned his degree from the University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola. It was during his college days that fate brought him together with Karen, his cherished lifelong companion. Together, they eagerly anticipate commemorating their 50th anniversary in 2024, surrounded by their two children and adored granddaughters.

Throughout his professional path, Michael soared through top-tier managerial positions in the retail industry, lending his expertise to renowned companies. His career voyage took him and his family on a remarkable adventure, crisscrossing the nation before circling back to their beloved Florida. In 2000, they chose to plant roots in Plant City, Florida, yearning for deeper ties with their extended family. Before retiring, Michael joined forces with his brother in 2013 to launch G Five (G5) Feed and Outdoor in Plant City.

A stalwart figure within the church community, Michael dedicated himself to various roles, including Church Counsel President and Finance Chairman. In a significant turn of events in 2023, Michael answered a call to serve as an Executive Pastor. For him, this new role signifies an integral part of his personal spiritual expedition. Reflecting on this, he shares, "My journey with God has been ongoing. Despite a fulfilling career, a strong marriage, and raising two remarkable children who are now adults, I felt a void—a deeper connection with God. Through this journey, God guided me and unveiled His path. Embracing the role of Executive Pastor feels like a piece of His grand design."

Presently, Michael is channeling his thoughts and experiences into a book, encapsulating the wisdom gleaned from his profound spiritual odyssey. Set to launch in mid-2024, this book aims to inspire others by sharing the insights acquired from his profound communion with God.

Amanda Radogna

Children's Ministry director

Amanda is a beacon of warmth and dedication. Alongside her husband, Keith, began calling Hope Community home in 2023.  In January 2024, Amanda joined our leadership team as our Children's Ministry Director where she overseas our volunteers and other leaders within The Lighthouse of Hope.  

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Amanda grew up in a non-denominational church, fostering a deep-rooted connection to faith and community. Her career journey began in education, where she spent almost a decade specializing in Special Education before recently transitioning to a nursing career at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Amanda's commitment to nurturing young minds and hearts extends beyond her professional endeavors. As a devoted wife to Keith and a loving mother to her two teenage sons, Jaden and Tim, her family serves as a source of support and inspiration.

At Hope Community, Amanda's leadership in the Children's Ministry radiates warmth and creativity. She creates nurturing environments where children grow spiritually and intellectually.  Her unwavering dedication and nurturing spirit enrich the lives of those around her, making her an invaluable asset to our community.


Creative ServiceS Director

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Keith, accompanied by his wife, Amanda, and their two teenage sons, Jaden and Tim, relocated to Plant City in the spring of 2021. Their dedication to this community and their faith is evident through Keith's vision of utilizing technology as a means to enrich and fortify our spiritual connections.

Professionally, Keith boasts a diverse background as a Software Developer for a multinational healthcare company, dedicating over a decade to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals worldwide through technological advancements. Additionally, Keith initiated his career in the advertising sector, working with some of the globe's largest brands that impact your daily life.

Within church ministries, Keith has played diverse roles, including serving as the Director of Youth at a multi-campus church in Richmond, Virginia. His extensive experience in guiding teenagers through pivotal life stages, navigating challenges such as loss, relationships, substance issues, anxiety, and depression, has been invaluable. He also served as the Director of Information Technology & Media at another Tampa-area church, focusing on video production and fostering the expansion of Christ's Kingdom.

In 2023, Keith enthusiastically joined our staff as the Creative Services Director. Possessing a sharp technological insight and a fervent desire to leverage it in service to the Kingdom of Christ, Keith spearheads the production of our in-person and online services each week.

We're incredibly blessed to have Keith's expertise and wholehearted dedication as he channels his passion for technology toward advancing the mission of our church. His goal is to glorify and extend the Kingdom of Christ, enriching our spiritual journey through innovative means.

wade williams

worship director

Wade has journeyed through a life filled with diverse experiences, ultimately discovering a profound purpose: to embody kindness and lead others towards a deeper connection with God. His realization may seem simplistic to some, but for Williams, who has weathered life's storms and emerged to share his story, it's a revelation.

From the outset, Wade's life resembled that of a wanderer, crisscrossing the southeastern United States throughout his youth, shuttled between his divorced parents' homes. Texas, Tennessee, and Florida all left imprints on his upbringing, exposing him to the contrasting sounds of classic George Jones from his father and contemporary radio rock from his mother, shaping his eclectic musical tastes.

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles at the tender age of 18, Wade embarked on a tumultuous journey filled with victories, setbacks, and struggles with addiction. His years in the "City of Angels" prompted introspection, leading him to question the true nature of those celestial beings—whether they hailed from above or below.

In 2008, amidst a lifelong battle with substance abuse, Wade encountered Jesus in his Los Angeles apartment. His conversion was a seismic and transformative experience. Eager to share the boundless love and strength he found in God, he passionately conveyed his newfound faith through music and film. Moreover, in 2016, a near-fatal encounter with a ruptured brain aneurysm served as a profound turning point, further aligning him with God's purpose in miraculous ways.

If you ask Wade, he'll recount the overwhelming love that enveloped his soul as he departed from his body, as well as the remarkable miracles that unfolded, allowing him to walk and talk today. His life stands as a testament to the redemptive power of faith and the remarkable journey one can undertake when guided by the divine love of Jesus Christ.